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Updated: Jan 23

10x20 microgreens growing tray with holes
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We have come to find that there is a lot to consider when deciding if you want to make a buisness out of growing Microgreens. One of the biggest things to consider is your equipment and supplies. For example, your microgreen growing trays. You want to invest a bit of money here otherwise you will be spending money to replace broken microgreen trays that could go towards your seeds (another large cost) The cost of trays can be discouraging but I asure you that it will be worth it in the long run.

10x20 mesh microgreen growing trays. Hydroponic growing
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Our personal favorite microgreen trays are Bootstrapfarmer and here are are our top reasons. Durability, imagine growing an entire 10x20 tray for a week (grow times vary depending on the seed), you are moving it from your microgreen grow area too the crop or harvest, then it snaps from the weight. You just lost anywhere from $30-$40 worth of product, you are now down a tray and possibly a customer due to none delivery. Another reason to consider Bootstrapfarmer they have a large variety of sizes, tray depths, with or without holes and even colors! They also carry mesh bottom for hydroponic growing ( or soil ). Fast shipping and great customer service. Not to mention their awesome 2 year warranty on trays!

There are alternative microgreen trays that we feel are a good bang for your buck, as far as durability. You can easily find them on Amazon . Here we have linked the 5 pack bundle for those of you just getting started. There are other quantity options available with a quick search of Microgreen growing trays.

Offordable Microgreen growing trays
Amazon Microgreen growing trays

We like these because they are offordable, durable, have a deeper water reservoir, mesh bottom and of coarse the easy checkout and shipping. The deep water revisor allows you less watering but you have to mind over watering that can cause mold to grow. The mesh bottom allows you to grow with soil or with any of the different methods of hydroponic techniques.

Different types of hydroponic growing techniques for Microgreens
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